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23 March 2017

Global Payroll Team finalist for best in class award

International payroll specialist IRIS FMP has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Global Payroll Team of the Year. The Global Payroll Association will be announcing the winner of the award at the awards night to be held in Amsterdam in June 2017. The Global Payroll Association Payroll Awards recognise technical excellence and professional development […]

14 March 2017

Stop! Are you challenging requests for confidential payroll information?

New warning from America raises questions about how businesses protect themselves from Phishing scams. I’ve already reported extensively on payroll data protection, payroll fraud and the rise of phishing scams, and my 2017 Top Ten Payroll predictions specifically included data theft. However, with the American IRS issuing a further new urgent warning about the next […]

2 February 2017

Does payroll make your employees happy?

Payroll plays a critical part in any business. Get it right and you’ll make your employees happy. Get it wrong and you’ll be heading for trouble. Don’t provide a simple way for those employees to get payroll errors corrected and you’re in a heap of trouble. We did some research back in 2015 which suggested […]

25 January 2017

Huge Payroll Fraud highlights danger to business

An employee in charge of payroll at a US sweet distributor has received a 45-year prison sentence for stealing over $800,000 from the payroll. The payroll fraud over a three-year period has highlighted the risks business face if their internal procedures are poor and auditing worse, and the impact on profits and reputation. Worse for […]

7 December 2016

International Payroll – Top five reasons to outsource

Expanding into a foreign country is far more complex than many companies envisage at the outset. Consider trying to deal with many foreign payroll service providers and keeping up with foreign legal and HR requirements. Sure, you could do it all yourself, but that would require having or employing multilingual employees who can keep up […]