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6 November 2017

Masters of Payroll scoop top industry award

IRIS FMP scooped the Best Leader Award at a glittering awards night celebrating the best of the best in the payroll, HR, reward, pensions and employee benefits. With payroll awards still at the heart of the event, The Rewards award ceremony reflects the widening remit of the profession and is the most distinguished event in the industry’s calendar, highlighting […]

21 September 2017

International Payroll Outsourcing – A global challenge?

Establishing a robust, secure and accurate international payroll can be a particular challenge for some organisations, especially if there is a high number of countries involved and the organisation is liable to change on a constant basis. And there are other challenges as the world continues to change too. The recent move in the UK […]

20 September 2017

IRIS FMP acquires International HR consultancy MCN Associates

IRIS FMP have acquired MCN Associates, the international HR consultancy providing full service HR support to businesses when expanding abroad, setting out a vision to offer ‘all inclusive’ international HR services for a single monthly fee. The new company will retain the MCN Associates brand and the current management team will remain in place ensuring […]

29 August 2017

New Paid Family Leave law. Are your New Yorkers covered?

If you’ve got a handful of staff working out of America’s New York state you need to be aware of an upcoming change in the law will affect your workers. The New York Paid Family Leave law will take effect on January 1, 2018. The law requires that all qualifying employees are given “proper written […]

24 August 2017

Top GDPR compliance tips for payroll managers

So, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be the top topic of conversation within all businesses large and small at the moment (and if it isn’t where have you been?). With the regulation coming into effect on 25th May 2018 should companies be panicking? And what about Payroll teams and payroll data. How will […]

7 June 2017

Two payroll issues and employees are gone

How many times do things need to go wrong for you before your patience breaks and you look for change? New research from America suggests that employees in America are becoming far less tolerant of payroll issues. The research, from the Workforce Institute published in June 2017, suggests that nearly 50% of US employees would […]

31 May 2017

If everyone in Britain had payroll errors.

With a recent survey revealing that half of the US workforce, some 82 Million US Workers, have experienced Paycheck errors is there anything that can be done to improve the image of payroll? The errors are equivalent to more than one payroll error for everyone that lives in the UK . It seems not being […]

17 May 2017

What’s in store for US ex-pats now Macron’s in power?

With Donald Trump aiming to meet new French president Emmanuel Macron in Brussels soon there seems to be a new entente cordial between the two countries. Or is there? Socialist Emmanuel Macron made a huge dig at Donald Trump by continuing to encourage US ex-pats to move to the European nation, in a bid to […]

15 May 2017

Masters of payroll ready to rock world’s largest expo

The American Payroll Association’s Annual Congress kicks off today, and IRIS FMP’s international payroll specialists will be on hand to give help and advice to the thousands of payroll professionals who may find the administration of American employees abroad a real challenge. The theme this year is ‘Payroll Rocks the World’ and this is certainly […]

5 May 2017

Things to consider when hiring employees in multiple countries

When a company has the requirement to hire employees in other countries, they are required to comply with the countries payroll procedures and regulations as well as their HR laws just as they would with employees based in their own country. With expertise needed in country-specific tax and employment laws, and the effects of exchange […]

4 May 2017

Global payroll dragged down by admin headaches

So, you’ve been tasked with placing a new employee in a new country for your company. Unless you’ve already got a stable established in-country presence already, with a local company HR person looking after your overseas employees, you could find yourself with a significant amount of administration to sort out. If only countries all worked […]

10 April 2017

Death of foreign exchange drives global payroll payment switch

Foreign Exchange is dead. Long live Global Payroll Payments. Not long ago companies looking to expand overseas were faced with an expensive dilemma. Setting up employees overseas has always been tricky, but international Payroll, HR and Finance teams were stung by the traditional monopoly of the big banks when it came to the banking and […]

23 March 2017

Global Payroll Team finalist for best in class award

International payroll specialist IRIS FMP has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Global Payroll Team of the Year. The Global Payroll Association will be announcing the winner of the award at the awards night to be held in Amsterdam in June 2017. The Global Payroll Association Payroll Awards recognise technical excellence and professional development […]

14 March 2017

Stop! Are you challenging requests for confidential payroll information?

New warning from America raises questions about how businesses protect themselves from Phishing scams. I’ve already reported extensively on payroll data protection, payroll fraud and the rise of phishing scams, and my 2017 Top Ten Payroll predictions specifically included data theft. However, with the American IRS issuing a further new urgent warning about the next […]

2 February 2017

Does payroll make your employees happy?

Payroll plays a critical part in any business. Get it right and you’ll make your employees happy. Get it wrong and you’ll be heading for trouble. Don’t provide a simple way for those employees to get payroll errors corrected and you’re in a heap of trouble. We did some research back in 2015 which suggested […]

25 January 2017

Huge Payroll Fraud highlights danger to business

An employee in charge of payroll at a US sweet distributor has received a 45-year prison sentence for stealing over $800,000 from the payroll. The payroll fraud over a three-year period has highlighted the risks business face if their internal procedures are poor and auditing worse, and the impact on profits and reputation. Worse for […]

7 December 2016

International Payroll – Top five reasons to outsource

Expanding into a foreign country is far more complex than many companies envisage at the outset. Consider trying to deal with many foreign payroll service providers and keeping up with foreign legal and HR requirements. Sure, you could do it all yourself, but that would require having or employing multilingual employees who can keep up […]