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15 January 2019

South Africa’s First Minimum Wage: Not Everyone Is Happy

Dealing with employees outside of your home country continues to become more complex, with South Africa the latest country to introduce a minimum wage. The new law came into play at the start of January. According to the Department of Labour, all workers who are not in the farm/forestry, domestic sectors, extended public works programme, […]

20 December 2018

Investors in People give global accreditation to IRIS FMP

Investors in People accreditation – Good people make a great business, and this is the case at the IRIS FMP group, who have just secured Accredited People Management success with Investors in People. The group provides International payroll and HR services across 135 countries. Becoming an accredited people management company under Investors in People has been […]

17 December 2018

Are payroll providers responsible when things go wrong?

Employers and payroll providers are awaiting judgement on a landmark case that could see payroll providers liable for employer errors Sharmalee Goonewardene, who was an employee of a travel company in California, sued her employers due to errors in her time sheets amounting to over $6,000. She accused them of discrimination, missed overtime, missed breaks […]

10 December 2018

Payroll contributes to positive company culture

It will come as no surprise that company culture affects every aspect of business, from the public’s overall perception of a brand to employees’ job satisfaction. Company culture entails many important elements, including company vision, values, communication, work environment, management style and much more. However, there is one other element, which often doesn’t get much […]

4 December 2018

The True Cost of Non-Compliance in Business

The cost of non-compliance is more than twice that of compliance costs. Although some companies might be tempted to continue running the way they always have, rather than changing to meet new compliance requirements, this can have significant financial – and reputational – impacts. According to a study by the Ponemon Institute and Globalscape, being compliant can actually save you money, thanks to the onerous […]

30 November 2018

Working dads in South Africa see improved paternity leave

Paternity and Maternity legislation has had a drastic overhaul in South Africa over the past few days. On November 23rd 2018 President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Labour Relations and Labour Amendment acts into law. Amongst other things, working dads in South Africa may now have 10 days of paternity leave after the birth of their […]

26 November 2018

Free eBook – Top Ten International Payroll Issues 2019

2019 is fast approaching and with it comes global changes in the world of employment and payroll legislation. Not only that, but larger, more impactful things are on their way too, such as Brexit in the UK and the new ePrivacy regulation in Europe. If you already have, or are about to place employees internationally, […]

29 October 2018

Are you in control of your UK employees?

We have previously touched upon the fact that Europe infamously has the most complex payroll systems in the world, according to the CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals). Looking at the continent as a whole is futile, as each of the 44 countries has its own quirks and complexities which make it unique (and sometimes […]

26 October 2018

Failure of Gagging Orders and Non Disclosure Agreements?

Injunction proves irrelevant as Non Disclosure Agreements exposed as having been used to cover up wrongdoing rather than to protect commercial confidentiality. The current furore surrounding the outing of leading British businessman Sir Philip Green in the UK parliament amid sexual harassment and racial abuse claims has highlighted how Non Disclosure agreements are being used […]

26 September 2018

Ireland proposes the Shared Maternity Leave and Benefit Bill

Understanding and going above and beyond what is legally required for in-country compensation and benefits will give you the edge over other in-country employers when you place staff overseas. A couple of months ago, Fianna Fáil (The Republican Party in Ireland) proposed the Shared Maternity Leave and Benefit Bill. Currently, mothers are entitled to 26 […]

17 September 2018

The Back Breaking Cost of Back Pain in the US

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work; 80 percent of the general population will suffer from a severe episode of lower back pain at least once in their lifetime. It’s one of the most common workplace injuries and costs the US $100 billion every year. Cross the pond to the […]

10 September 2018

How to get global expansion right and achieve success

Having a brilliant idea and the money to execute it is one thing. Having the specialized advice and knowledge behind you to make it work is another.  When it comes to expanding your company globally, the logistics, practicalities, skill and knowledge required to make it a success can make even the best and most clear […]

4 September 2018

National Payroll Week has arrived in the United States

National Payroll week in the USA does not overlap with Labor Day by coincidence. The first Monday in September honours the social and economic achievements of workers in America, and celebrates the contributions that they have made to the country. Similarly, National Payroll Week, which began yesterday on Labor Day, “highlights the achievements and symbiotic […]

23 August 2018

Great news for Luxembourg – minimum wage has risen!

Great news for Luxembourgians! At the start of this month minimum wage rose in Luxembourg due to the compulsory indexation of salaries. This is a mechanism intended to preserve purchasing power whereby earnings increase by 2.5% when the cost of living rises to a certain threshold. The new changes see monthly minimum take home for […]

13 August 2018

Crtitical Time To Rebalance Your European Workforce?

Is it time to rebalance your European workforce? US companies with a European presence will need to consider things carefully as HSBC becomes the first to jump as a potential no deal Brexit approaches. The ability of businesses to strategically understand and plan HR and Payroll as part of political and regulatory developments in Europe […]

23 July 2018

Lush admits to a massive payroll error due to their failure to upgrade their payroll system

We often write on this blog about the importance of auditing your payroll and ensuring it’s always up to scratch, for the sake of your company’s reputation but more significantly, for the sake of your employees. Well, we now have hard proof of why this is so crucial, as demonstrated by popular cosmetics retailer Lush […]

16 July 2018

California passes the USA’s toughest data privacy law to date

It may only be July, but already it’s been a busy year in the data protection world. Back in May (and during the approaching weeks and months), GDPR dominated headlines the world over, as the EU brought in their new regulation to hand control of their personal data back to the data subjects. GDPR is […]

9 July 2018

Is it time to consider expanding into Japan?

There has never been a better time to consider expanding your company into Japan. Not only are minds opening to immigrants and foreign workers, but there is now infrastructure in place to actively help those wishing to do so. Countries all over the world continually rely on foreign workers and investment to keep industries and […]

20 June 2018

Reward 300 highlights UK’s most influential leaders

Justin Cottrell, IRIS FMP’s inspirational chief executive, has yet again been included in the prestigious index of leading professionals, Reward 300. The Reward 300 index covers the payroll, HR, employee benefits and workplace pensions and associated services sectors. The Rewards 300 index was revealed in London in June and celebrates the leading lights in the […]